Case study

After a big overhaul of existing systems came out the need for the central issue tracking system, that futures modern front end and easy usage - in comes CWF with InfoSak. InfoSak is a modern issue tracking system application built for one of Norway's biggest electro-distribution networks.

The InfoSak ticket system is a cloud system that unites all the companies involved in the servicing of the electricity distribution network and enables their internal communication on the workload and issues.



CWF was tasked with front-end development and creation of advanced UI/UX system that will be able to easily communicate new problems and speeds up their solution. One of the big selling points was our decision to create a way that will enable users from various personas to hierarchically order and group items within the system. 

After thorough research, we have opted to build this application using the latest version of Angular and to use Docker container that will make deployment easy in almost any environment.

Infosak desktop and mobile
Infosak mobile